Through the Education Program, children of the poorest of the poor are given great opportunities to fulfill their dreams of earning a college degree and to have a brighter future. The goal is to address the educational needs by providing scholarship to financially-challenged but deserving students.

Formal Education (Grade 1 to College)

The sponsored students receive educational assistance for their tuition and miscellaneous fees, school needs such as school supplies, shoes, bags, school and PE uniforms, transportation allowances and others.

KM Foundation believes that the education of our children and youth is the most useful way to uplift the lives of the deprived and marginalized members of society. By and large, regardless of religion and race, earning a degree in college and eventually finding a stable job is the dream of every human being especially the poor.

Access to Information

Sinag ng Pag-asa Library, donated by Reed Elsevier Philippines, offers a wide variety of books and other useful references to encourage the children to read and to study. The availability of computers with WiFi is very beneficial to students’ research papers and other school-related assignments. Educational puzzles are also offered to very young children.

This program assures that the health of the scholars is being monitored. Monthly food supplements (groceries) are provided to our grade school sponsored students. Nutritious meals and snacks are also served during our feeding program. Children with primary complex receive milk supplements. Medical assistance such as medicines, laboratory tests, and x-ray is also provided to our sponsored children.

Scholars are encouraged to attend group sessions with their fellow scholars and other members of the community. These sessions provide an avenue to discuss their personal aspirations and share advices in areas concerning family, peers, school and other relevant topics for the scholars. It aims to empower the children by being inspired in pursuing their goals, knowing that they have a strong support system from their community.

The KM foundation stands out because it not only supports the children, but the entire community as well. A community is identified as in need and from there, sponsors are sought for children within that community. Regular group sessions with parents are conducted with the goal of strengthening relationships and building a better community for the sponsored children and their families.

This program includes emergency assistance, housing repair/assistance, electric fans for families and funeral assistance to scholars and immediate family members.