Evangeline W. Cabag

One quotation that I really cannot forget is the one that our teachers always tells my classmates and I – “Education is the key to success”. A brief sentence indeed yet something that has a broad meaning.

I am Evangeline W. Cabag and I am 20 years old. Ever since I was young, my family has experienced hardships. When my family were still at the province, I would often go to school with an empty pocket usually resulting to me walking to school to attend classes. There will always be a struggle in our day-to-day living.

Before deciding to move to Manila last 2012, my father was a cook and my mother was a plain homemaker. My father’s income was not enough to sustain our family’s needs but he decided that we should continue our studies here in Manila. My parents did not have second thoughts because they promised that they would support our studies. Luckily, my father found a job here in Manila after resigning his post as a cook. At that time, we were living with my uncle’s family though it was very difficult to deal with. My father decided later on to resign from his current job to take care of my cousins. There came a time when my father and my uncle had a huge misunderstanding that made my uncle wanting us to leave his house. My father then built a small house made in wood at the vacant lot. We lived there temporarily until the owner of the land came and made us the official caretakers.

By the year 2015, I told myself that I have to be able to enroll in college. However, my father was still jobless at that time. Luckily, my aunt was able to help us financially along with letting me babysit my cousins so that I can earn money to buy my school uniform and others. Though it was still difficult to get by, especially during exams day when my father borrows money to pay for my school fees, God continued to bless me and guided me in knowing all about KM Foundation. I did not hesitate to submit my grades and fortunately, I was qualified.

The foundation has really been a great help not just for me, but for my family as well. It has helped me buy the things I needed for school including my daily transportation. I am very fortunate to be one of the scholars.

Thank you is not just enough to define how grateful I am to KM Foundation. I am able to continue and achieve my dreams in life for there is no reason for me to stop dreaming. You have become one of my inspirations aside from my family. I am thankful to God for creating people like you that help other people like me. May God always bless you.

I am Iris Iera M. Espeña, a 3rd year college student from Polytechnic University of the Philippines currently taking a Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations. My father is a construction worker and my mother is a laundry maid. The income of my parents is not that enough to support all the needs at home but because they loved us and taught us how to be humble, it never became a big problem to us.


I often receive my allowance with exact amount to manage. Sometimes we have many school projects and we needed to contribute monetarily so I tried saving and budgeting for all these. Even with the situation that I am currently in, I’ve tried my best to study. Luckily enough, I passed the entrance exam in PUP, which offers low tuition fee that helped me pay for other things in school and help my parents pay our debts.


Blessedly, opportunity came through Kapatidkita Mahalkita Foundation (KM Foundation) which helped me continue my studies. REED ELSEVIER PHILIPPINES is my main sponsor. This company is one of the reasons why I am able to continue studying up until now and I am inspired by the generosity they have been giving to the other co-scholars and me.


I am aspiring to be a Multi-Media Artist and I know I will achieve my dreams because of your help. Fulfilling your dreams is the greatest gift you could ever have. Giving hope and to inspiring others is also the very same thing I wanted to do since that what KM Foundation taught me as a scholar.

Iris Iera M. Espeña

Jon jon O. Henon

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. – Aristotle


I am Jon Jon O. Henon, a second year college student taking up Bachelor of Science in Criminology at Bestlink College of the Philippines, Novaliches Quezon City. My father works as a company driver and my mother is a food vendor. I am a part-time student and food server in Quezon City. I work to support my education.


One day, to my surprise, God blessed me with a scholarship from KapatidKita MahalKita Foundation. I am so thankful to my main sponsor, Paul Cohen, from Reed Elsevier Philippines. He is God’s instrument to help those students who cannot afford to study and fulfill their needs.

I am Emer A. Jabon, 20 years old, 4th year college student at the Quezon City Polytechnic University, taking up B.S Entrepreneurship. My ambition in life is to finish my studies, find a good job to help and support my family and to manage my own Business someday.

I have two siblings and I am the eldest. One of my sister is studying Senior High school at The Montessori College and my younger sister is not yet studying. My Father has no work and my Mom is just receiving a small amount of money from my uncle for taking care of my cousin and for cleaning their house. My father is works as freelance carpenter. He does not have regular work to sustain our needs. His income is unstable.

The Foundation helps me a lot. In terms of my studies they are the one who provide my tuition and they also provides me an allowance for my daily expenses in school and aside from that they are also helping my family by giving food allowance every month which we use to buy some food.

I am very thankful that am part of this foundation. It was a very big help for me and for my Family. Since my parents have no work they don’t have a capacity to support me on my studies. By the help of the Foundation I can now continue and finish my study.

Emer A. Jabon

Rosemarie V. Legaspi

I am Rosemarie V.Legaspi, a 3rd year college student of Bestlink College of The Philippines. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housekeeper.


I was super blessed upon hearing the good news that I was accepted to be a scholar of KapatidKita Mahalkita Foundation (KM Foundation). With this, I will persevere in my studies for me to be able to help my family and give back without letting my parents and the foundation realize that I am wasting the opportunity given to me.


Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.


I am Stephanie Ann B. Bitgue, a 3rd-year college student at Polytechnic University of the Philippines taking up Diploma in Legal Office Management Technology. Like all those students who study at State Universities and Public Schools, I also struggle a lot for many reasons. My father works as a sales clerk at a department store and my mother is a plain homemaker. As my father is the only source of the family’s income, we learned to eat whatever food is on our table.


When I was searching for a school to start my college life, I looked for those that have the lowest tuition fees so that we can afford. My life as a student was like a roller coaster, I would need to save money from my allowance and from the money I received in “KM Foundation” just to afford all the books. There will be times that I would need to buy stuff for our projects to be able to pass that subject but I am unable to ask money from my parents because I know they will not have anything to spare.


God truly sends out His instrument to help us at the lowest point in our lives and to help us fulfill our dream. However, we need to keep in mind that believing in ourselves and giving the best we can do to reach our dreams also says a lot about being successful. As KapatidKita MahalKita Foundation is the Instrument to reaching my dreams, I also want to be the instrument in someone else’s life in the future and give the same blessing they have given to me.

Stephanie Ann B. Bitgue

Alex N. Cabudbud Jr.

I am Alex N. Cabudbud Jr., 20 years of age and a fourth year college student at Asian Institute of Computer Studies taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I am grateful and proud to be a KapatiKita MahalKita Foundation Scholar because the foundation always shows respect, compassion and desire to help without seeking for any change. They gather funds for their scholars from different fund raising activities such as Dress Down Passes, Fun Runs and Battle of the Bands. The transportation allowance given was also a great help along with other benefits such as giving us free eyewear.


I witnessed all of their efforts and I luckily got a chance to be part of their Internship program. Through this, I have seen many good and positive things on my stay there. I learned many new things from my mentors and the most important of all was that they have treated me as part of their family.


I am very delighted that after I get through my Internship at Reed Elsevier Philippines, I was recognized as the Best in CISCO awardee and was given the Academic Excellence Award along with leading the Pledge of Loyalty in front of my batch mates.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much! To be a part of this scholarship is the best part of my life!

I am Jeannel R. Crais, a student from San Mateo Municipal College taking up Bachelor of Science in Office Administration Major in Marketing Management. My father stopped working because of his eye condition. My mother is a volunteer and makes handy crafts to sell and gain extra income. I stopped schooling for two years due to our financial problem.


One day my mother told me that KapatidKita MahalKita Foundation (KM Foundation) is looking for a volunteer so I decided to give it a try and I luckily got accepted. The allowance that I receive from the foundation is what I used to support our daily needs. God is always good because he granted my prayer to continue my schooling through the help of Kapatidkita Mahalkita Foundation (KM Foundation). I am very thankful for the chance they gave me and now I am starting to reach my dreams.


Jeannel R. Crais

Ragie T. Montes

I, Ragie T. Montes a 4th year college student, currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship in Quezon City Polytechnic University (QCPU). I am residing at #21 Lower Jasmin Street Extension, Brgy. Payatas, Quezon City, the eldest among my two (2) siblings. I am handling now the position as an adviser of the Altar Servers in our church, and also, one of the trainers in the Week End Youth Camp sponsored by the local government of Quezon City.
Year 2016, when blessing to be one of the scholars of Amelia S. Hernandez (ASH) Scholarship was given to me. This rare blessing was an answer to the lot of questions inside my mind “a big HOW? How can I finish my study, if I don’t have a job?”, “who will support my study now?”, “what will happen to my future plans and help my family? If I can’t continue to finish my bachelor’s degree?”, “do I need to stop going to school?”, and “how long could it take for me to finish this course if I cannot able to be enrolled for the next semester?”. These questions were continuously rounding up in my head during that time I decided to resign on my previous job as a merchandiser due to busy schedules in school, because this job was only my hope in supporting my study in financial matters.
As one of the scholars of ASH Scholarship, I am very blessed and fortunate, because aside for the opportunity to continue my studies, I am also given an opportunity to help my parents as well, to lessen their burden in providing my daily allowances. This scholarship grant taught me to be more generous in sharing my knowledge and talents to the little ones here in Kapatid Kita Mahal Kita Foundation. I also, learned how to value more the money that I received every month and to spend it wisely. The unconditional generosity that the ASH Scholarship given to me, drives my courage and perseverance for striving to get a high grades in school, perform well inside the class and to give always an extra miles of effort in my studies.
The ASH Scholarship changes my life and the life of my family. Now, that success of finishing my studies is near approaching. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the people behind this rare blessing that entrusted to me for two (2) years. I am very grateful to be part of this ASH Scholarship grant and, whatever I would be and wherever my fate brings me, I will never forget that one day I was a proud and blessed Amelia S. Hernandez Scholar.

Education is the only treasure that our beloved parents can give to us.
All of us have a dream to achieve and one of them is to finish our study but not all people have ability to achieve it because of some reasons.

I am Mary Joy P. Dumalag, I study at University Of Rizal System, Rodriguez Rizal. I am third year college taking a course of Bachelor of Science in Community Development. I am a simple and a usual student like other students who experience many problems in life and also in studies. My father is a jeepney driver and my mother is a loving housewife and I have three siblings. My father doesn’t have a permanent job so that our income cannot sustain our daily needs. We are oriented family we also encounter many problems and we facing it together. There are times that we eat once a day and one of the unforgettable moment I can’t forget is ma and my family go to sleep without eating.
But my parents don’t let that happen again, my father find extra job as of now he is a construction worker and my mother receive sometimes laundry from our neighbor. I also experience to go to school that I only have to my pocket is only eight pesos and that money is only for my transportation and that time I don’t know where I can get my money to buy food for recess and I don’t know how can I go home, but God is kind he didn’t let me walk from school to our house because suddenly I found a twenty pesos at my bags pocket and that time I talk to God and thank him because he is always there to save me.
I am a scholar of Kapatid kita, Mahal Kita foundation since elementary and until now, without your help and support I cannot finish my study because my parents cannot support me in my study and they can’t send me to school and my siblings also. I am very blessed to be a part of your foundation. I also thank Philippines Humanitarian, ASH for supporting my financial needs. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to continue my study. I know that my journey in life not yet start but now I will do my best and give my fullest , to study hard and pursue my dreams in life because I don’t want to see my family in a difficult situation I will raise them and give them a better life.
And I know with your help and support I know that I will become a future Community Organizer someday. I know all of us have our own perspective in life all we need to do is to be the best version of our self, to become a better more each day. And as a future Community Organizer I want to set the minds of other people that there’s always a hope and don’t stop to dream big and work hard.

Mary Joy P. Dumalag

Benito J. Estabaya Jr.

I am Benito J. Estabaya Jr. currently studying at University of Rizal System Rodriguez as a 4th year college student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English. Like most of the students living in a poor community, I also graduated from public school when I was in elementary and high school. Even we are financially infortune, my parents still manage to sustain in our needs and still do the best that they can just to support us in our studies and those are things that I can be proud of to my parents, For now, my mother is a housewife while my father got lost his job. My eldest sister are the one who work for us to support our necessities.

As a college student, it’s not easy to manage school fees, fare and other school expenses. Blessedly, KapatidKita MahalKita Foundation (KM Foundation) opened its doors of opportunity not only for me but for my other co-scholars. KM Foundation really helps me a lot especially in school expenses and because of them, I will be able to achieve my dreams in life. I really thank God for having these kind of people who are willing to give their hands to those are in need especially for those students like me who are driven to achieve their dreams in life, I do promise that I’ll never forget you as I walk closer to my dreams. I’ll be forever grateful that I’ve been part of KapatidKita MahalKita Foundation.

I’m Ma. Pollyana A. Gajana, a graduating student. Taking of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at San Mateo Municipal College, San Mateo Rizal. I’m quite surprised that I’m actually graduating. A few months left then I can get my diploma and pursue my profession. It like a flash, that I can’t stop thinking how I here now in my position. And it is all thanks to the Kapatid Kita Mahal Kita Foundation (KM Foundation) and Reed Elsevier whom always there to support me in my studis.
It sures took me back, to tell you the truth I’d been a sponsored of KM Foundation when I was an elementary student. If I’d remembered it correctly, I thought I was in grade 3 that time and it continue until I graduated in elementary. Unfortunately when I became a high school student, I need to decide whether I quit the scholarship given me by KM Foundation or not; because they had a regulation, which is the scholar shouldn’t have other scholarship aside the foundation. During that time I got an offer from the school I enrolled at, it was the scholarship given by government wherein half of my tuition fees was paid by them. It’s a great opportunity for me and since my family face a crisis, I decided to grab it, because my father had an accident that time, he stopped his work in a months for his injured arm. Since I wanted to helped them lessen my school expenses I took it. Those difficulties continue when I became a first year college. I’d need to give up my desired course because of financial problem, even save my allowances every day to afford my school expenses like school project, research papers, and other school expenses. But thanks to KM foundation, they gave me another chance to be a scholar and they let me introduce to their benefactor, the Reed Elsevier Philippines. I’m truly grateful because of them I overcome those problems. They support me and give me strength to never give up my dreams. They are the light to me and to those children who wants to achieve their ambition in life. That’s why I’ll give all my best to strive, achieve my dream and be a successful.
Sure thing, the time goes faster than I expected. All the hardship, stress, anxiety and trials I’d encounter it’s all worth it, because I’m happy for the outcome now, I know that I give all my best and God is always with me.
Remember, God has a best plan for you. He give you a lot of consideration and opportunity. He knows what best for you. Just give also your best, take him with you always and think that you’re not alone in good or bad times. Even your life is full of darkness and you thought that you can never escape, there is always a light that shines upon you and hope that help you to look forward. Because he is there for you, just waiting to call his name.

Ma. Pollyana A. Gajana

Maria Joan Superales

I’m Maria Joan G. Superales, 21 years of age. I was born on October 19, 1996. I live in #003 Group 6 Samar St. Payatas B, Quezon City. I am currently studying Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management at Polytechnic University of the Philippines Quezon City Campus. I am now in my third year as a college student. My father is a tinsmith and my mother died 11 years ago because of cancer in ovary. I have three siblings and I’m the youngest. All of them did not finish their studies because my parents were separated and all of us live with my father side and my mother had another partner. My father is the only one who supports us in our studies but due to his short salary, it is not sufficient for our everyday expenses and also they have a problem regarding the birth certificate. I’m the only one who continue my studies because I have an NSO birth certificate. Also, I’m the only one who reached the college level.
I am very happy and thankful to be part of Reed Elsevier Philippines and for giving me this opportunity to pursue my dreams. The financial support that I receive helps to lessen the worries of my father about my tuition fees and allowances, contribution and seminar I attended that is required in our curriculum. I also save money left from my allowances. Being thrifty is my hobby. I love to save money for emergency purposes.
Being a scholar of Reed Elsevier is a great experience even I just started to be part of it six months ago through Kapatidkita Mahalkita Foundation. It makes me realized that there still are people like you that helps and extend their hands to the poor even though not blood related. And I also thank God for making all of you as an instrument to help others specially those young people who is determined to achieve their goals.
With your kindness and generosity, many young people like me can achieve their dreams and goals in life.
I hope one day I will be able to help other students achieve their goal just as you have helped me.
Thank you again for your thoughtful and generous help.
May God bless you for your kindness.