The Payatas Community

Payatas is a small barangay located in the 2nd district of Quezon City. The name Payatas is derived from the word “payat sa taas”, which means that the land is not fertile for agricultural plants. Given the barren quality of the land, it became a garbage dumpsite where a mountain of waste has formed over the years. Scavenging has been the way of life here, hence many of the residents from underprivileged families built their homes surrounding the area. Payatas is considered as one of the most depressed areas in Manila, yet it continues to bring light and livelihood to many of our brothers and sisters who are in need.

They scavenge to put food on the table. They brave the unpleasant condition to have shelter. They stay and endure everything just to survive. The Payatas community mirrors the harsh realities of poverty.

In July 2000, the unthinkable happened. A mountain of garbage collapsed – burying people alive and destroying thousands of homes. People dug with their bare hands to find their families trapped in the dump, but to no avail.

We lost 300 lives from the tragedy. But we did not lose hope.


From Tragedy to Triumph

At present, the Quezon City government executed appropriate measures for the proper handling of the Payatas dumpsite. But how else can we elevate the community from poverty? How can we improve the community in the long run?

We at Kapatid Kita Mahal Kita Foundation, believe that the children are the hope of the future. Through the education programs, the children are given the key to a brighter future. The more knowledge that these underprivileged children will gain, the more opportunities they will have. These opportunities will help them and their families to end the cycle of poverty.

As Nelson Mandela quotes, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We help turn hardships to victories. We help deserving children to earn a degree. We rise from tragedy and together, triumph as one loving community.