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Be a Sponsor.

Sponsor a child’s education for only PHP 750.00 a month or PHP 9,000.00 a year.

Be a Donor.

Donate food, clothing, medicines and school supplies, etc.

Be a Volunteer.

Share your time and your talent through one-on-one tutorials, workshops or home visits.



Pray for our brothers and sisters.

Kapatidkita Mahalkita (KM) Foundation* has always been close to the hearts of REPH employees.

They continue to craft fun and engaging activities to help support its growing number of  scholars.


– Reed Elsevier Shared Services Philippines RE Cares Circle Volunteers, 2017 –

Through my work at LexisNexis, I have been supporting the Kapatidkita Mahalkita (KM) Foundation* in the Philippines, which provides educational support and assistance to the community of Payatas B. To end the cycle of poverty, education is a priority for children. I have been humbled by their work and over the last 12 months and I have personally become involved in the work that they do. The KM Foundation is doing incredible work to support the plight of the Payatas children. Payatas B is one of the largest communities in Quezon City and houses the biggest open dumpsite in the Philippines – A 2.2 square km mountain of garbage inhabited by a population of close to 500 000. Paul Cohen – A day in the life

Paul Cohen

Executive Director for Operations, Customer Support APAC, Reed Elsevier Philippines

I am a big fan of KapatidKita, MahalKita Foundation (KM Foundation)Back in 2004, a woman came to church and explained KM Foundation’s mission. She brought pictures of several kids who needed to be sponsored so they could get education. The amount of donation was equivalent to US$15.00/month.

I decided to sponsor Alexander John Cabudbud. When I saw his photo, he reminded me of my son when he was 6 years old. Alexander was eight years old and an incoming 3rd grader.  My son had the privilege to get education and I thought Alexander was not different. Year after year, the Foundation kept me posted on Alexander’s progress. He was a top student. I received beautiful letters of gratitude every year. I continued to support him for the next 13 years. In 2017, Alexander graduated in college with a degree, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. He received the Academic Excellence Awardee when he graduated in college. Today, he has a stable job as a Project Engineer at Systemaxtech Corporation. He found me onFacebook a couple of years ago. We are friends. I am very proud of him!

KapatidKita, MahalKita Foundation (KM Foundation), does an amazing job helping kids in the Philippines. No doubt, they are changing lives one step at a time.


Paulina Michaud

Proud Sponsor of KM Foundation

KapatidKita MahalKita Foundation (KM Foundation) has allowed me to help make my students better understand how it is to be a man for others, one who gives without really counting the cost. It warms my heart to see how my students set aside money out of their own pockets to share and how excited they are when they receive handmade cards from our scholar which I read aloud to them. I take pride in seeing them grow up and mature with an awareness of their capacity to make a difference in someone’s life because they CHOOSE to care. My students may be young, but I’m definite that the ripple effect of our Bigay Puso efforts is for a lifetime.

In our profession which centers on giving (of minds and most importantly of hearts), it is this sense of fulfillment that fuels me to continue to do what I do. Thank you, Kapatidkita Mahalkita Foundation (KM Foundation) for grounding me with my values, with what really matters, and for allowing me to experience this with my students whom I hope would be social movers in the coming years. Together, let’s continue empowering the youth and making this world a better one by nurturing more caring hearts which would continue to plant that same seed in others’.

Katherine Ann P. Bustamante

Class Adviser, Grade 5-Mangyan, Ateneo de Manila Grade School

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

My mother, Amelia Samson Hernandez who introduced KM Foundation to friends and family more than 15 years ago, helped us to understand that giving someone a hand should be done without the expectation of getting back anything in return other than the good feeling that you’ve done something good for someone who couldn’t do it for themselves.

KM Foundation, however, goes beyond that good feeling because of the total dedication and far-reaching efforts of Eva Aquino, KM Foundation Program Director, and her team. Eva ensures that every donor receives a letter of introduction and each sponsored student continues to stay in touch with his/her donor because Eva understands the importance of having that kind of connection so donors can feel they’re investing in something worthwhile. She takes the time to know the hundreds of students who are part of the program and provides their families with good counsel regarding their education, their health and their living conditions. She has done this for years largely on her own, until recently when she was able to ask a few others to join her team. Managing the number of students and donors that are now part of KM Foundation is a monumental task, and it is hard to imagine the amount of effort and commitment it takes to do that in addition to supervising the day-to-day operations and making sure that KM Foundation meets all the requirements to be a certified NGO.

So why do I love helping KM Foundation? There are three big reasons:

  1. I have been blessed to have what I have and I truly feel that I owe it to those who are less fortunate to give them a helping hand. It makes a huge impact for me to know that I am doing my best to make a difference by helping people escape the cycle of poverty and being a part of changing their futures.
  2. I’m honoring the memory of my mother by continuing her legacy that she started with KM Foundation Founder, Father Walter Ysaac.
  3. Last, but not least, I love helping KM Foundation because of Eva Aquino. I have complete trust in her and know that all the efforts that Philippines Humanitarian makes on behalf of KM Foundation are being implemented in the most efficient, professional and honorable way.
Imelda Hernandez "Erni" Armstrong

Co-Founder of Philippines Humanitarian, Philippines Humanitarian